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The SmartSolo Scientific data acquisition system is used in structural and seismic monitoring projects ranging from simple beam fatigue analysis to structural mechanics studies to continuous monitoring of bridges and other large complex structures. 

Our systems are used worldwide for remote, unattended, fixed and portable monitoring of expressway highway interchange, roads, tunnels, buildings, retaining walls, overhead signs, lighting towers and bridges. Compatible with a wide variety of sensors and peripherals, they provide unparalleled static or dynamic stress, vibration, displacement, load and tilt measurements. Combined with a variety of weather sensors, you can monitor the dynamic behavior of your structure, such as: wind-induced vibration, wave impact stresses, unsafe conditions, natural and harmonic frequencies of the structure, and send broadcast alerts. When lives are at stake, there is no reason not to use the best.

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SmartSolo bridge health monitoring system is a low-cost, high reliability, simple installation of scientific observation station system. It is a multi-purpose environmental monitoring system specially developed for scientific researchers.This system is suitable for long-term and short-term deployment.Learn more
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In addition to our standard systems available, many of the systems we provide are customized. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.
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Bridge Monitoring and Control

The versatility of our systems allows them to be customized for each application. We offer a range of data loggers from the most basic systems with just a few nodes to scalable systems measuring hundreds of nodes. The scan rate can be programmed from a few hours to 100,000 times per second depending on the data logger model. Measurement types, recording intervals, and processing algorithms are also configurable. Data loggers not only provide advanced measurement capabilities, but also control external devices.

The data loggers process measurements and output results in the required units of measurement. For example, the data can be displayed as rain flow or horizontal crossing histograms. These rain flow and level crossing algorithms allow for long periods of processing, not just limited periods. It also allows trigger output with pre-trigger data capture capability. The trigger may be based on sensor output, time, and/or user control. For example, if a highway interchange is being monitored, sensors can detect the approach of a vehicle, an earthquake, a preset time, or the press of a button to trigger the collection of data.

The control features of our data loggers allow them to alarm, activate electrical equipment, or shut down equipment based on time or measurement conditions. The system can also call phones, pagers, radios, and other devices to report on the scene. Voice synthesis modems are available, so the system can call and tell you what's going on.

Sensors for Bridge Monitoring

Because our data loggers are compatible with virtually all commercially available sensors, you can use the sensor that best matches your application. Typical sensors used by our system for structural and seismic monitoring include:

  • Carlson strain gauge

  • Vibrating wire strain gauge

  • Foil strain gauge (set in quarter, half or full bridge strain configuration)

  • Inclinometer

  • Crack sensor and connector

  • Tilt sensor

  • Piezoresistive accelerometer

  • Capacitive accelerometer

  • Borehole accelerometer

  • Servo force balance accelerometer

SmartSolo Scientific series allows you to customize your system with the type of channel that best suits your application. The number and type of channels on most of our data acquisition systems can be expanded using multiplexers and other measurement peripherals.


The availability of multiple communication options to retrieve, store, and display data also allows the system to be customized to meet precise needs. Field communication options include keyboard/display for direct connection to a PC or laptop, PC card, memory module, and data logger. Telecommunications options include short-haul, telephone (including text-to-speech and cellular), RF, multipoint, and satellite.


Our windows-based software simplifies data logger configuration, data retrieval, and report generation. The data logger program can be modified at any time to accommodate different sensor configurations or new data processing requirements.

Example Application: Monitoring highway interchange.

The SmartSolo Scientific monitoring system can be used in a variety of structural and seismic applications. Monitoring possibilities for highway interchange include:

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