IMS Advances Mine Seismology with Smartsolo IGU-16HR
Australia Fault zone research -Exploitation and utilization of geothermal and mineral resources, Exploration of depth and extent of fault zones, 3D subsurface velocity structure
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Seismological Urban Activity Monitoring in Singapore Under the Influence of the COVID-19 Virus
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​SmartSolo Scientific is a widely applicable seismic data acquisition system that finds extensive utility in various seismic research and monitoring endeavors
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Low Power and High Precision Node Intelligent Seismic Data Logger
Integrated Scientific Monitoring System with Function Integration and Precise Control
A new generation of monitoring and acquisition systems for scientific research
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SmartSolo Scientific, Assistant of Scientific Research Success

Our mission at SmartSolo Scientific is to enable our customers to make the world safer, greener and better. We help our customers accelerate earth sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges of field measurement and monitoring, increase scientific research productivity, deliver accurate and credible measurement and monitoring data of various physical quantities to market and accelerate scientific research.

SmartSolo Scientific provides customers with leading innovative technologies, convenient purchase schemes and all-round scientific research services.

To learn more about SmartSolo Scientific, visit our Company History page and Case Study page.

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