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SmartSolo Scientific road weather information systems (RWIS) play a vital role in monitoring road weather conditions. With their ruggedness and low power use, they can function for long periods in harsh conditions. Our systems are very versatile, allowing customization to meet changing needs. They can measure, record, and communicate (NTCIP compliant) numerous types of road weather information for road alerts and maintenance scheduling.

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In addition to our standard systems available, many of the systems we provide are customized. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.
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SmartSolo Scientific RWIS allows customers to specify the "best type" of hardware and PC software they need, including products from other suppliers. As a result, customers can benefit more from a customizable, economical system, rather than a basic PC hardware-based product that can only fit a fixed solution. 


Typical Configuration 

A typical system includes a central tower, RPU, two road sensors, remote communication hardware, and sensors to measure wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, air pressure, solar radiation intensity, and precipitation.


Hardware - What the hardware can measure

Smart road sensors 

  • Pavement temperature (optional, up to two additional underground temperature measurement sensors)

  • Monitoring of residual salt on pavement and calculation of freezing point.

  • Road conditions - dry, wet, icy, snowy.

  • Membranous water layer on road.


Present weather sensors 

  • Recognizes multiple precipitation types, including drizzle, rain, snow, hail, and graupel.

  • Designed for continuous, long-term, unattended use under adverse conditions. 



RPU Support Software

SmartSolo EnviroLink Portal is a full-featured software package based on one server application and multiple client applications. Its open architecture allows customers to modify RPU applications directly, or to develop new custom instruction sets which completely under customer control. SmartSolo EnviroLink Portal collects and archives NTCIP data and camera-acquired images remotely through ESS or some telemetry options as needed or on a set schedule (including diagnostic information about the ESS's hardware and software). Technology options for telemetry include landline, mobile, LOS RF, and satellite. All collected data can be exported to third-party analysis tools. Data is owned by the customer and can be redistributed to other users without obligation to SmartSolo Scientific.


Real-time Monitoring Software

SmartSolo EnviroLink Portal is used to build custom displays of real-time data and camera-acquired images. It provides numerical, tabular, and graphical data to demonstrate objects, as well as alarms. Users can combine data from multiple ESS/RPUs on a single display, and can also organize more complex displays in multiple tabbed windows.

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