Slope Stability
High-accuracy Instruments Measure Slope Movement
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SmartSolo Scientific systems for slope stability can monitor slope movement for long periods in harsh conditions, and instantly communicate alarms via a variety of media. Low power use, rugged construction, stand-alone operation, and versatile data handling make our systems an important part of slope stability studies and monitoring projects.

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SmartSolo landslide online monitoring system and early warning system as well as effective control and mitigation measures implemented in the field can greatly reduce the damage caused by landslide.Unstable slopes require remote access to a monitoring system and an immediate warning in case of failure.The progress of seismic instruments, measurement technology and transmission technology now makes it possible, convenient and economical to monitor landslides online. Learn more
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In addition to our standard systems available, many of the systems we provide are customized. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.
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