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The node seismic data loggers, the first product marketed by SmartSolo Inc.

Most of the R & D companies are located in Beijing, Shenzhen and other places in the world, and most of them are located in Beijing and Shenzhen.Worldwide, SmartSolo has more than 200 employees, and technical engineers account for more than 40%.

SmartSolo always adheres to the cultural values of striving for excellence and striving, and regards the satisfaction of scientists as the highest concept of development.Since the advent of the igu-16, SmartSolo has developed increasingly powerful data recorders, data acquisition systems, sensors, communication equipment and software, and has sold hundreds of thousands of system equipment. Customers around the world have begun to rely on the reliability and accuracy of our equipment.

At SmartSolo Scientific, scientific measurement and monitoring are essential.No matter where you are, whenever you need it, SmartSolo Scientific is with you!


SmartSolo has launched the M8000 data collector flagship universal data recorder and monitoring system, which is a multi-purpose field measurement and monitoring network, which can connect sensors with different physical quantities, and is designed for successful implementation of various functional applications.It is strong enough to handle any extreme conditions;Flexible enough to be used in complex customization tasks;It is accurate enough to apply to all kinds of strict standards.The embedded web page that can be connected directly through the browser makes communication more convenient, plus the network functions provided by the built-in Ethernet and USB connection.Like most other smartsolo data recorders, the M8000 consumes very little power and is suitable for long-term deployment. Through our unique CPI connection expansion module, we can meet your growing needs and provide years of reliable service.

The data acquisition system of IGU-16HR IES was launched.


SmartSolo Inc. was selected into "Shenzhen innovation product promotion and application catalog".

IMU-3C data acquisition system was launched.


SmartSolo Inc. won the title of "Guangdong Province specialized and special new enterprise";

SD-20 data acquisition system was launched;

The IGU-16HR data acquisition system was launched.


SmartSolo brand began to develop from geophysical exploration to more fields, breaking the development bottleneck of vibration sensing technology limited to service professional field, deeply mining the value of vibration sensing technology, and building a larger consumption base and market space;

IAU-19 external intelligent data acquisition system was launched;

SmartSolo Inc. won the national finals champion of "2019 China Innovation maker competition";

SmartSolo Inc. won the certificate of "high tech enterprise".


IGU-16HR 3C three channel intelligent data acquisition system was launched;

IGU-BD3C-5 three component wide screen intelligent data acquisition system was launched.


The trademark of SmartSolo has been successfully registered and put into use in North America, Australia and other countries, winning customers' praise.

The company has been established as a R & D, R & D and marketing center of Shenzhen.


SmartSolo IGU-16 is the first node intelligent seismic data acquisition system in the world. It is equipped with a complete set of hardware and software packages, and defines a new type of seismic data acquisition equipment.

Shenzhen binyuan has launched a large-scale, high-density and cost-effective exploration scheme, which brings revolutionary development to the seismic exploration industry;It has refreshed the new history of seismic and geophysical exploration, and has been put into large-scale use in North America, Australia and Xinjiang, China. 

IGU-16 has proved that the intelligent seismic data acquisition system can make the data obtained by customers more accurate and reliable;Make seismic monitoring and geophysical exploration easier and simpler;It has won wide praise from customers at home and abroad.


The founder led the R & D team to develop the node seismic data acquisition system for exploration.

Shenzhen R & D center was established. In order to break the limitation of cable equipment in the exploration industry and help customers solve the problem of vibration perception, Shenzhen R & D center began to develop, experiment and produce the world's first SmartSolo intelligent vibration data acquisition system.