Weather Station Datalogger
Integrated multi-parameter meteorological data acquisition station
Smart Sensor/Weather Station Datalogger
Weather Station Datalogger
An integrated weather station can measure multiple parameters. For example, these might include wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity.
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SmartSolo SS-WXT-536 weather datalogger is a unique multi-parameter weather datalogger, which can simultaneously measure many meteorological parameters such as precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, and air pressure. It can also connect with other intelligent meteorological datalogger or data communication module to implement intelligent networking and real-time data return. Compact and rugged, the SmartSolo SS-WXT-536 provides you with weather data in a variety of harsh more
[Brochures] IGU-16HR IES
[Brochures] IGU-16HR 3C
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