Disaster Prevention and Reduction
Long-term Environmental Meteorological Monitoring
Data Acquisition System/Disaster Prevention and Reduction
Disaster Prevention and Reduction
The SmartSolo Scientific online data monitoring and early warning system is an indispensable part of the global disaster early warning and monitoring system, which can realize high-density multi-parameter monitoring of earthquakes, comprehensive meteorology, and water level. Accurate measurements, support for long-term unattended field deployment and real-time alarm beyond threshold, low power consumption, and proven reliability in extreme weather conditions allow the SmartSolo Scientific data monitoring system to be deployed anywhere on the planet for any type of scientific research.
Product Line
SmartSolo wind power station weather monitoring system can meet the user's demand for safe and real-time weather and power data reporting of renewable energy power generation facilities. It can control the cost and provide more reliable data and transmission. For the weather data measurement of wind power station, the weather station based on SmartSolo data logger is installed on the permanent weather tower to measure the wind speed and direction at two heights, as well as the temperature, relative humidity and air pressure.read more
SmartSolo Agrometeorological monitoring system can be used in pest prediction and monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring and crop management prediction.It can help you get better data faster so that you can better plan, respond and grow agriculture.read more
The data generated by SmartSolo vegetation restoration monitoring system can help scientists understand the impact of weather on grass species, and also enable users to evaluate the impact of management practices, including biological resource protection, vegetation planting plan and grazing plan, which can be applied to large-scale national ecological restoration and environmental sustainability research.read more
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