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Tunnel engineering is inherently concealed, often susceptible to various adverse geological conditions. In the absence of accurate forecasts or predictions of potential adverse geological conditions before or during tunnel construction, it could impact project progress and even lead to catastrophic accidents. Through advanced forecasting, timely identification of anomalies becomes possible, enabling forecasts of the location, characteristics, surrounding rock structure integrity, and potential water content of adverse geological formations ahead of the tunnel face. This information forms the basis for proper excavation section selection, support design parameters, and optimized construction strategies. Additionally, it facilitates timely information for preventing disaster-prone accidents like tunnel water inundation and sudden mud inflows. Adequate preparation for construction safety is ensured, while substantial cost savings are also achievable. This approach bears immense significance in tunnel construction.

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SmartSolo bridge health monitoring system is a low-cost, high reliability, simple installation of scientific observation station system. It is a multi-purpose environmental monitoring system specially developed for scientific researchers.This system is suitable for long-term and short-term deployment.Learn more
MS8001 is a low-cost, high reliability, simple installation of scientific observation station system. It is a multi-purpose environmental monitoring system specially developed for scientific researchers. This system is suitable for long-term and short-term deployment. MS8001 observation system not only ensures the reliability, but also takes into account the characteristics of low cost: it enables researchers to realize the needs of large-scale and multi-point deployment under the condition of limited budget. MS8001 observation system uses reliable scientific research level sensors, and under the integration of data acquisition M8000 newly developed by SmartSolo, it can collect data more efficiently and simply for scientific researchers.Learn more
Relying on the built-in 4G / WiFi and other wireless communication modules, the SmartSolo IMU-3C wireless monitoring system can transmit real-time data through the high-speed network. It can be deployed in the geological disaster monitoring and early warning zone for a long time, and powered by the SmartSolo solar energy system.At the same time, it also supports the real-time return of data through Ethernet connection. The data can be viewed in real time through the soloswdcc software indoors, and the alarm threshold mechanism can be set remotely. In this way, the alarm mechanism can be triggered at the first time when no one is on duty, so as to avoid the loss of people's personal safety and economic property.Learn more
SmartSolo building structure health monitoring system is used to analyze the performance of the structure during construction and the life cycle of the structure. It can compare the actual performance with the predicted performance, and can take timely corrective measures in case of any unforeseen (dangerous) situation.Our structural health monitoring system is designed according to the specific requirements of each structure. According to the structure of the monitoring object, the system may be simple or complex to achieve real-time evaluation.Smartsolo building structural health monitoring system can be used to monitor a large number of structural types, including bridges, railways, docks, wind turbines, buildings, etc.Learn more
​SmartSolo tunnel structural deformation monitoring system can be applied to tunnel / subway construction monitoring, tunnel lining and concrete changes, tunnel tension and geotechnical load research, and mountain tunnel construction stress and strain measurement, so as to prevent collapse and ensure adequate safety.Learn more
The key point of the SOLONET Multi-Functional Engineering Seismic (Surface Wave) Instrument System is derived from the technology platform that SmartSolo has successfully shipped 420,000 sets of Nodal Scientific Instruments. These instruments have been used to collect seismic data, temperature, and GPS position data in thousands of square kilometers with tens of thousands of sets of sensors. This data collection has been a success, with 99.9% of the data being recovered.Learn more
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More Details about Tunnel Advanced Geological Forecasting

Tunnel advanced geological forecasting encompasses methods such as geological survey, advanced drilling, geophysical prospecting, and pre-excavation forecasting methods. Each forecasting approach comprises the following aspects:

Geological Survey: This involves supplementary surface geological surveys for tunnels, in-tunnel face geological sketches, tunnel bore geological sketches, underground and surface correlation analysis of stratigraphic and structural lines, geological mapping, and more.

Advanced Drilling: This includes advanced geological drilling, deep borehole detection, and in-hole photography.

Geophysical Prospecting: Methods encompass elastic wave reflection techniques (seismic wave reflection, horizontal acoustic profiling, negative velocity method, and minimal-offset high-frequency continuous reflection profiling, among others), electromagnetic wave reflection methods (ground-penetrating radar detection), high-resolution direct current method, infrared detection, and more. Elastic wave reflection techniques encompass TSP, TST, TRT, HSP, among others. Among them, seismic wave reflection method (TSP) and ground-penetrating radar method (electromagnetic wave reflection) yield notable outcomes.

Pre-Excavation Forecasting via Pre-Excavation Shafts: This involves methods like parallel pre-excavation shafts and straight tunnel pre-excavation shafts.
Each method contributes to comprehensive tunnel advanced geological forecasting, ensuring proactive measures for construction safety and efficiency.

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