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Privacy Policy of SmartSolo

Last updated on june 23, 2022.

SmartSolo is a Shenzhen based company with branches all over the world.

This privacy policy explains how we use personal information collected from you when you use the site.



  • Information collected through the website

  • Use of collected information

  • Information acquisition and correction

  • Cookie, network beacon, etc

  • Other websites

  • Change our privacy policy

  • Contact information


Information Collected Through the Website

Voluntary: We collect voluntary information from users through forms on our addition to the specific purpose information you provide through these forms (e.g. A technical question or list of departments), we collect industry information related to you in addition to basic contact information.examples of these voluntary forms include registration forms, online account registration forms, quotation request forms, technical support request forms, download registration forms, complete customer survey forms, provide feedback forms, and participate in discussion forms in our user forums.

Note: Customer credit card information is not stored on SmartSolo computer or server.instead, a secure third-party payment processor is used for financial transactions.

Automatic: We use baidu analytics or google analytics platform and our own programs to automatically collect site usage information.this information includes the page you visited, the link you click, your ip address, browser information, your geographic location and your access time.these data do not include personally identifiable information.the data collected through baidu analysis or google analytics platform is stored on baidu or google servers.


Use of Collected Information

Providing services: We use the information you submit through the form to respond to your request (e.g. Providing technical support, sending quotations and processing orders). If SmartSolo does not provide you with the corresponding information of our country office, solo will send you the corresponding information.

We will not share your personal information with organizations other than SmartSolo and its exception: If you require credit terms, we may send your details to credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies.

Product and website improvements: We may use the information you submit through forms and information collected through our analytics program to improve our product offering, enhance the effectiveness of our website, and personalize your access to our website.

Newsletters: We may use the information collected to inform you about SmartSolo's products and services through newsletters, event invitations, new product announcements, and other have the right to prevent us from sending you these marketing messages at any opt out of these e-mails, you can use the unsubscribe link in the e-mail you receive, or use the send us an email. If you choose to quit the marketing announcement, we will still keep your personal information in order to provide effective technical support.

We may use the information we have collected to post ads that are more relevant to you, and track the ads through baidu analytics or google can choose to exit baidu analysis or google analytics by installing browser plug-ins.


Information Access and Correction

You have the right to request a copy of our information about you.if you want a copy of some or all of your personal information, please email to。 You can ask us to correct or delete information at any time.


Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Tracking

We may use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to improve your experience and collect site usage data.cookies are text files placed on your computer that store information about your activities, such as website preferences.web beacons are invisible images used to track web page access and e-mail messages, and other similar forms of browser storage exist.

Our website currently uses the following cookies:

  • The login / session option is convenient for you if you choose to log in automatically.

  • Shopping cart - tracks items in a quote list or cart.

  • Redirection - when you visit sites that are not related to your country / region, keep track of the settings that display the redirection bar.

  • Search - tracks search preferences and page traffic to optimize results.

  • Baidu analytics or google analytics - anonymously tracks website visits to help us learn more about website usage and optimization direction.

If you choose to turn off cookies through standard browser settings, many features on the site may not work.

We use browser storage for various utility based purposes, such as hiding content you choose not to view, and displaying your local time on forum posts.


Other Websites

This privacy policy only applies to this website. Other SmartSolo companies may have different privacy policies.

Change our privacy policy.

We regularly review our privacy policy and update it from time to time.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at:

Tel: 400-0868-158

Mailing address: 301, block b, avic plaza, 15 ronghua south road, beijing economic development zone