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The application of SmartSolo Scientific's nodal seismometers in ground subsidence detection and monitoring primarily involves assessing ground subsidence by monitoring seismic events. While nodal seismometers are primarily used for seismic monitoring and seismological research, their sensitivity and accuracy also make them an effective tool for detecting and monitoring ground subsidence phenomena. 

SmartSolo Scientific's nodal seismometers can obtain information about ground subsidence by measuring ground vibrations during the propagation of seismic waves. When ground subsidence occurs, the nodal seismometer can record changes in ground vibration signals. These signals or data can be output to scientists and technology innovators for analysis and interpretation to obtain quantitative data about ground subsidence, such as subsidence rate and breadth, enabling informed decision-making.

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SmartSolo urban water intelligent monitoring system mainly provides early warning service for urban roads, ground, tunnels, overpasses and other occasions where water is easy to accumulate. The system adopts highly integrated equipment, including multi-sensor access, localization early warning, remote wireless transmission, battery charging and discharging management units. It has the advantages of easy installation, simple use, low standby power consumption, long communication distance and high reliability. The monitoring station includes M8000 data acquisition instrument, electronic water level meter, meteorology (wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity sensor, rain gauge), video camera, etc.The equipment monitors the hydrological and meteorological data of each ponding point, and can complete the collection of water depth, temperature, humidity, rainfall and other data, as well as video images and picture information, and store the data through M8000 and send it to the cloud server wirelessly.Learn more
SmartSolo multi-point distributed buoy monitoring system mainly includes: buoy platform, weather station, hydrology / water quality, power supply, data acquisition, communication and other equipment.The buoy platform is designed and developed independently. The meteorological and water quality sensors ensure power supply, data acquisition, storage and transmission through the M8000 system control center.The data transmission of remote area without 4G network signal coverage is realized by sea sampling Beidou satellite communication.Learn more
SmartSolo online hydrological and water quality monitoring system mainly includes: solar power supply module, hydrology / water quality sensor, M8000 system control center, cloud management platform.Learn more
Relying on the built-in 4G / WiFi and other wireless communication modules, the SmartSolo IMU-3C wireless monitoring system can transmit real-time data through the high-speed network. It can be deployed in the geological disaster monitoring and early warning zone for a long time, and powered by the SmartSolo solar energy system.At the same time, it also supports the real-time return of data through Ethernet connection. The data can be viewed in real time through the soloswdcc software indoors, and the alarm threshold mechanism can be set remotely. In this way, the alarm mechanism can be triggered at the first time when no one is on duty, so as to avoid the loss of people's personal safety and economic property.Learn more
By monitoring and recording the status and activities of railway infrastructure, SmartSolo rail transit structural health monitoring system can detect the railway rupture or temperature change that is about to occur in the early stage, and even take sustainable measures before the railway operation is negatively affected.Learn more
SmartSolo mechanical vibration monitoring system can help users monitor the health status of key production machines and detect abnormal vibration levels of machines.This high-performance wireless vibration monitoring system can also help identify asset problems and perform fault analysis.By acquiring the sensor data related to the machine, and connecting to the data platform through wireless transmission technologies such as WiFi or Ethernet, users can analyze the received keyword data and evaluate the machine status, so as to make the next operation or decision.Learn more
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More Details about Ground Subsidence Detection and Monitoring

SmartSolo Scientific's nodal seismometers offer several advantages in ground subsidence detection and monitoring:

High Sensitivity: These seismic instruments possess an exceptional sensitivity for detecting even the slightest ground vibration signals, enabling precise measurement of subtle ground subsidence phenomena.

Real-Time Monitoring: Our seismometers continuously monitor ground vibrations, providing real-time data feedback. This capability allows for a dynamic understanding of ground subsidence trends and variations as they occur.

Quantitative Data Analysis: The data collected through our ground vibration sensors can undergo quantitative analysis and interpretation, yielding essential parameters and characteristics related to ground subsidence. This information serves as invaluable references for engineers and scientists, aiding in informed decision-making.

Wide Application Range: SmartSolo Scientific's seismometers have a broad application scope. While they excel in ground subsidence monitoring, they can also be effectively utilized in monitoring geological hazards such as changes in groundwater levels and well subsidence, as well as structural changes beneath the earth's surface.

Flexibility and Simplicity: Designed for plug-and-play operation, our integrated wireless cable-free design is highly adaptable to various environmental conditions. It minimizes environmental disruption and aligns with green and sustainable principles.

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