Seismic Data Logger
Provides high fidelity seismic wave signal
Smart Sensor/Seismic Data Logger
Seismic Data Logger
Relying on its simple function and simple structure, smartsolo seismic data logger makes full use of the mature, high reliability and cost-effective electronic and software technologies in the mobile Internet era, which can provide high fidelity seismic wave signals for energy and mineral exploration, urban shallow geological exploration, geological disaster prevention monitoring, engineering exploration and environmental vibration monitoring, etc.
Product Line
SmartSolo IGU-16 node intelligent seismic data logger adopts high sensitivity geophone to record seismic wave signal with high fidelity and accurate data time and position.It is an intelligent earthquake monitoring system with low power consumption, simple operation, simple structure and high precision.It can be used in urban underground space survey, geological disaster and adverse geological body exploration, geological structure survey, geothermal and water resources exploration, energy and mineral exploration, rail transit geological exploration, railway real-time early warning, short period array observation, microseismic fracturing monitoring, vibration monitoring and other more
SmartSolo IGU-16HR is an intelligent seismic data collector with high integration, simple structure, solid durability and low maintenance. It has built-in dt-solo high-sensitivity geophone and can be selected at 5Hz and 10Hz.Separable integrated design, small size, light weight, waterproof performance up to IP68 more
SmartSolo IGU-BD3C-5 is a low-cost, broadband, micro power consumption three component broadband intelligent seismic data acquisition device, and built-in orthogonal configuration of the three channel moving coil sensor, its frequency band range can be more than 0.2hz-150hz.Because of its high reliability and high customization of storage and power supply capacity, it is suitable for active source seismic exploration, long-term natural micro motion observation, transient surface wave exploration and natural seismic monitoring of field mobile more
SmartSoloIGU-16HR 3C is an industry-leading three component intelligent seismic data collector with high integration, simple structure, solid durability, low maintenance and industry-leading. The unique tail vertebra design makes the coupling effect better. The mobile app is simple to deploy and easy to operate. The three-component orthogonal configuration is used to pick up a variety of seismic wave signals after the propagation of seismic waves through the medium, and is equipped with a high-precision timing system,And high accuracy positioning more
SmartSolo IAU-19 external seismic data logger is a single channel intelligent seismic data collector with high integration, simple structure, solid and durable, low maintenance and strong versatility.It can be connected with various land and swamp geophones and hydrophones, and can realize wireless QC through field deployment tools (handheld devices or mobile phones).QC acquisition node acquisition parameters, firmware version, operating voltage, operating temperature, storage information, GPS position, GPS signal-to-noise ratio, detector DC resistance and other working states.When external geophone string is connected, the signal-to-noise ratio of seismic signal is greatly improved by embedding geophone more
SmartSolo IMU-3C is a three channel intelligent monitoring unit, which can conduct three channel data acquisition, support multiple data transmission interfaces, realize parameter configuration, data transmission, data monitoring, data quality evaluation, etc.It has self-developed software system for real-time dispersion of micro motion data and real-time QC for active source more
SD-20 wireless seismic data logger has three data transmission modes: USB, Ethernet and WiFi. Sd-20 can record the data, time and position of external short and long period seismograph and other voltage output sensors with high fidelity. It also configures seismograph on Web page and views corresponding seismic waveform data and sensor data online.It is applied to long period seismic exploration research, short period seismic exploration research, active source exploration project, passive exploration project and other kinds of sensor more
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