Data Acquisition System
Professional Measurement and Monitoring Applications
Data Acquisition System
Although you can purchase measurement and monitoring instruments separately to create your data acquisition system, you may prefer to simplify the process of instrument selection. View SmartSolo's existing scientific monitoring systems and their configurable options to easily create a system that provides you with the measurement data and control options you need for your application.
Product Line
SmartSolo Scientific is committed to innovation in every aspect of earth science, providing a full range of products and solutions in the fields of geology, geomagnetism, gravity, geothermal, geodesy, and so on. We match the whole process of projects and meet the needs of related industry partners in different fields, and collaborative more
The SmartSolo Scientific online data monitoring and early warning system is an indispensable part of the global disaster early warning and monitoring system, which can realize high-density multi-parameter monitoring of earthquakes, comprehensive meteorology, and water level. Accurate measurements, support for long-term unattended field deployment and real-time alarm beyond threshold, low power consumption, and proven reliability in extreme weather conditions allow the SmartSolo Scientific data monitoring system to be deployed anywhere on the planet for any type of scientific more
SmartSolo Scientific, a new generation of the scientific monitoring system, can support scientists and technological innovators in the study of water bodies on the Earth's surface, including the quantity, quality, movement change, and distribution of water bodies, as well as their interaction with the geographical environment, ecosystem, and human more
The applications of SmartSolo Scientific research monitoring system in agriculture, forestry, and ecological industry include soil and water conservation investigation, environmental research, soil evapotranspiration, commercial irrigation, agriculture, and soil, etc., which promotes the protection, improvement, and rational utilization of soil and water resources and the establishment of a good ecological more
With low power consumption, high reliability and high-density deployment, the SmartSolo Scientific energy monitoring system can be applied to natural gas exploration monitoring, wind/solar/tidal energy research, hydroelectric power generation, more
SmartSolo automatic data acquisition system is robust, low power consumption, and can adapt to the most harsh and remote environment.SmartSolo data acquisition system provides remote unattended and portable monitoring for highway overpasses, roads, buildings, retaining walls and bridges. The data collector can be compatible with various sensors and peripherals, so as to be suitable for road and bridge structure and meteorological, dam, building construction and earthquake monitoring and other specific more
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