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Smart sensors and Devices Extend Your Measurement and Control Capabilities
Smart Sensor
In addition to the critical role data loggers play in a data-acquisition system, there are other types of measurement devices. Some measurement devices are used to increase the number of terminals that data loggers can use, which enables them to measure more sensors or control more external devices. Other measurement devices offer additional capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable. Some data loggers support high-density deployment to achieve regional high resolution, high sampling rate measurement and monitoring, to facilitate scientific breakthroughs.
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Relying on its simple function and simple structure, smartsolo seismic data logger makes full use of the mature, high reliability and cost-effective electronic and software technologies in the mobile Internet era, which can provide high fidelity seismic wave signals for energy and mineral exploration, urban shallow geological exploration, geological disaster prevention monitoring, engineering exploration and environmental vibration monitoring, more
SmartSolo humidity data logger provides accurate dew point and absolute humidity data by combining relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) measurements.The humidity sensor connected to humidity data logger is a device that can detect and measure water vapor. SmartSolo can manufacture a complete set of calibrated and amplified data loggers for measuring relative humidity (RH).read more
An integrated weather station can measure multiple parameters. For example, these might include wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and relative more
An accurate and reliable combination of data recorders and pressure sensors designed for remote monitoring and recording of water level and pressure data in groundwater pumping and sludge testing, stormwater flood analysis and runoff, and surface water irrigation channel, stream and river more
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