Application of Structure, Rock and Soil and Automobile Monitoring
Data Acquisition System/Infrastructure
SmartSolo automatic data acquisition system is robust, low power consumption, and can adapt to the most harsh and remote environment.SmartSolo data acquisition system provides remote unattended and portable monitoring for highway overpasses, roads, buildings, retaining walls and bridges. The data collector can be compatible with various sensors and peripherals, so as to be suitable for road and bridge structure and meteorological, dam, building construction and earthquake monitoring and other specific applications.
Product Line
SmartSolo bridge health monitoring system is a low-cost, high reliability, simple installation of scientific observation station system. It is a multi-purpose environmental monitoring system specially developed for scientific researchers.This system is suitable for long-term and short-term more
By monitoring and recording the status and activities of railway infrastructure, SmartSolo rail transit structural health monitoring system can detect the railway rupture or temperature change that is about to occur in the early stage, and even take sustainable measures before the railway operation is negatively more
SmartSolo building structure health monitoring system is used to analyze the performance of the structure during construction and the life cycle of the structure. It can compare the actual performance with the predicted performance, and can take timely corrective measures in case of any unforeseen (dangerous) situation.Our structural health monitoring system is designed according to the specific requirements of each structure. According to the structure of the monitoring object, the system may be simple or complex to achieve real-time evaluation.Smartsolo building structural health monitoring system can be used to monitor a large number of structural types, including bridges, railways, docks, wind turbines, buildings, more
SmartSolo mining monitoring system provides users with accurate and reliable data as decision-making basis.Smartsolo provides not only the installation, assembly and supply of integrated mine monitoring systems, but also data acquisition in the surrounding areas and within the more
SmartSolo reservoir dam monitoring system provides data through inclinometers, settlement plates, extensometers, V-shaped weirs and piezometers, which can be used to prevent failures and maximize the effectiveness of routine maintenance.These data can be analyzed over time to provide quality insight into the behavior of the structure and the ground beneath more
SmartSolo landslide online monitoring system and early warning system as well as effective control and mitigation measures implemented in the field can greatly reduce the damage caused by landslide.Unstable slopes require remote access to a monitoring system and an immediate warning in case of failure.The progress of seismic instruments, measurement technology and transmission technology now makes it possible, convenient and economical to monitor landslides online. read more
​SmartSolo tunnel structural deformation monitoring system can be applied to tunnel / subway construction monitoring, tunnel lining and concrete changes, tunnel tension and geotechnical load research, and mountain tunnel construction stress and strain measurement, so as to prevent collapse and ensure adequate more
IMU-3C is a rugged, real-time monitoring unit that can detect building seismicity, and is used for detecting and predicting structural damage in buildings, as well as monitoring building structural health. The IMU-3C is suitable for various harsh field environments. In a stable network environment; It can record natural seismicity, vibration data, and control measurement parameters through a built-in 4G or Ethernet remote connection。read more
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