Providing a full range of products and solutions in the fields of geology, geomagnetism, gravity, geothermal, geodesy, and so on.
SmartSolo Scientific is committed to innovation in every aspect of earth science, providing a full range of products and solutions in the fields of geology, geomagnetism, gravity, geothermal, geodesy, and so on. We match the whole process of projects and meet the needs of related industry partners in different fields, and collaborative development.
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SmartSolo urban water intelligent monitoring system mainly provides early warning service for urban roads, ground, tunnels, overpasses and other occasions where water is easy to accumulate. The system adopts highly integrated equipment, including multi-sensor access, localization early warning, remote wireless transmission, battery charging and discharging management units. It has the advantages of easy installation, simple use, low standby power consumption, long communication distance and high reliability. The monitoring station includes M8000 data acquisition instrument, electronic water level meter, meteorology (wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity sensor, rain gauge), video camera, etc.The equipment monitors the hydrological and meteorological data of each ponding point, and can complete the collection of water depth, temperature, humidity, rainfall and other data, as well as video images and picture information, and store the data through M8000 and send it to the cloud server more
SmartSolo multi-point distributed buoy monitoring system mainly includes: buoy platform, weather station, hydrology / water quality, power supply, data acquisition, communication and other equipment.The buoy platform is designed and developed independently. The meteorological and water quality sensors ensure power supply, data acquisition, storage and transmission through the M8000 system control center.The data transmission of remote area without 4G network signal coverage is realized by sea sampling Beidou satellite more
SmartSolo online hydrological and water quality monitoring system mainly includes: solar power supply module, hydrology / water quality sensor, M8000 system control center, cloud management more
The key elements of SmartSolo landfill groundwater monitoring system include an M8000 data logger and an in-situ multi parameter water quality probe.Electricity is supplied by solar panels that charge sealed lead-acid batteries.Through the M8000 data recording control center, the monitoring data is sent to the cloud management platform in real time.Due to the remote location of the station, it is impossible to transmit data through the conventional 4G / 5G signal. The system adopts Beidou satellite communication technology to transmit the data to the more
The key point of the SOLONET Multi-Functional Engineering Seismic (Surface Wave) Instrument System is derived from the technology platform that SmartSolo has successfully shipped 420,000 sets of Nodal Scientific Instruments. These instruments have been used to collect seismic data, temperature, and GPS position data in thousands of square kilometers with tens of thousands of sets of sensors. This data collection has been a success, with 99.9% of the data being more
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