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Working at SmartSolo Scientific

The company is located in Shenzhen, China. It has more than 200 technicians and control centers in Shenzhen.

We offer competitive, comprehensive compensation and flat family friendly working environment.The company was founded in 1999, and the average tenure of its employees is more than 14 years.

A Message from Our President
Jack Feng
SmartSolo President
"We are building a" customer response team "and we are able to solve the challenges and pain points of data acquisition in the field for scientists and technology innovators.We build a first-class scientific measurement and control instrument operation team by pursuing the fastest customer response.From receiving customer demand, to customer satisfaction, our response time is the shortest "
If you need help in applying for an open position, please call 400-682-1717 during weekday time (Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm Beijing time) Or email: contact us.
Recruitment Direction
We are recruiting talents in the following four directions.
Sales and Marketing
Committed to meeting customer demands, serving scientists and technology innovators, sales and marketing departments work closely with customers, engineering and manufacturing departments to define, deliver and support the industry's most trusted solutions.We are proud to be a listener to users in the development process and a trusted consultant in the sales and support process.We work closely with the manufacturing department to ensure that products and tailored solutions meet the stringent needs of our customers.
Our manufacturing department produces high quality, high reliability measurement and control instruments and related mechanical components.We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and material resource planning systems to perform work above industry standards.We are proud of the reliability of our work and the quality of our services.We employ part-time students and full-time employees to obtain opportunities to work in the fields of electronics, instrument manufacturing, mechanical and system assembly, precision cable and sensor assembly, material and inventory control, machining and sheet metal manufacturing.
Technical Support
Our technical support team is committed to helping customers make data based, measurement based decisions that have a critical impact.Our customers' applications are unique and we work with them to select, install, configure and maintain the right solution.With the global network of SmartSolo experts, we provide world-class technical support, consulting, programming, training, installation, maintenance, calibration, repair and system design services.
R & D / Engineering
Our product developers are committed to the research and application of technologies to meet the measurement and control instrument needs of scientists and technology innovators.We work closely with the marketing department to ensure that innovative design can solve real-world customer problems.In addition, we work with the manufacturing department to ensure that each product has a beautiful design and high quality.We attach great importance to the technical performance of the design, and our customers have great confidence in the robustness and reliability of SmartSolo products.Our development team includes sensors, electronics, hardware, software engineers.
Our Culture
Our Core Values

Two extremes: to achieve the ultimate talent management;Make products and customer service to the extreme;
Three core values: pursuing excellence, taking customers as the center and striving for the foundation;
Four long-term persistence: long-term adherence to cultural values;Persisting in talent management for a long time;Persisting in brand positioning for a long time: helping people easily perceive the complex world;Long term adherence to resource integration.

Our Spirit

The spirit of hard work and hard work and dedication;
Craftsman spirit: meticulous and neat, precise and rigorous, automation, detail, persistence, manual;
Team cooperation: communication, trust, unity, restraint;
Learning spirit: lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Our Philosophy
Quality, integrity, innovation, create value for customers, achieve win-win cooperation, people-oriented, and achieve sustainable development.
Our Mission
We are committed to serving scientists and technological innovators by providing them with accurate and reliable measurement data.
Our Vision
One goal: to be the most respected company in the world.
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
SmartSolo Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and our goal is to make every employee feel valued, respected and listened to.Our diverse, mission oriented employees are unique.SmartSolo works for scientists and technology innovators, and our employees work with scientists and technology innovators.In SmartSolo, the company's president personally imparts his more than 30 years of successful experience to all employees on the job. Here, you will get more opportunities, more challenges, faster growth and new self discovery in a short time.Our employees share a passion for solutions and services that meet the measurement and monitoring needs of scientists and technology innovators.We strive to build a workforce that is more compatible with the diversity of scientists we serve.
Environmental Sustainability
When we talk about commitment to environmental sustainability, we mean our concern about the impact of the environment and natural resources.As a company, we consciously strive to have the smallest possible environmental impact in order to maintain the quality of life for present and future generations.As a manufacturer of scientific measurement instruments, our products are used by scientists and researchers around the world to make smarter data-driven decisions that affect the future of the environment.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply for a position?
We require all applicants to apply online.Only valid positions posted on our website will be accepted.Each job posting contains a form that requires the minimum but required information.
What items do I need for my application (application letter, resume, recommendation letter, etc.)?
Each post will indicate the required documents, such as a resume, cover letter and, in some cases, job samples.You only need to include what you need for the position you are applying for.Some posts may have the option to attach attachments.You can add attachments to almost any traditional document format (Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, etc.).
What if I want to apply for more than one position?
If you are applying for more than one unrelated position, please submit a separate application and provide a resume for each application.If you are applying for a relevant position, please submit an application and we will consider the most suitable position for you.
Do you have a response to each applicant?
yes.Our job application software enables us to respond to every candidate.First of all, we confirm that your application has been received.Then, when your application status is confirmed, we will contact you again.
If SmartSolo Inc. is interested in interviewing me, how long does it take on average to reach me?
As an applicant, you usually receive a response from us up to two weeks after confirmation of your application.(this is usually the time we need to collect applications.)If you are selected for an interview, you will be invited by email.(please make sure you provide us with the correct email address.)Continue to check your email for updates or interview invitations.
Resume Tips
Here are some tips to help us get to know you better:
Provide personal summary.
Sometimes referred to as "elevator talk" or "30 second self introduction," use this short statement to describe your greatest strengths and strongest attributes, as they may be related to the particular job you are interested in.
Identify your skills and skills.
These are skills acquired in your career that are directly applicable to the position you are applying for.Including relevant certification.
Describe your experience and achievements.
We need to demonstrate your academic and professional achievements and responsibilities.What does your experience have to do with the job you are looking for?
Describe your education.
List your educational experience, including institutions and achievements.
Tell us about your interests.
We don't need a full biography, but we do want to see some projects about your hobbies, interests and out of office activities.
Simplify things.
Let your content focus on how you can help us, not why the job is good for you personally.
Employment Legal Notice
Upon completion and submission of this employment application form, I hereby declare to the company that I am not subject to any non competition, confidentiality or other restrictive agreements that prevent me from accepting the employment opportunities offered by the company.I also guarantee that all personal data filled in this form are true. I agree and authorize the company to check the authenticity of my work experience, academic certificate and other relevant materials when necessary, and I am willing to cooperate in these surveys.I also declare that I am in good physical and mental health and have no physical or mental illness.If any false information or information is found, the employer is willing to terminate the labor contract immediately without any economic compensation.The correspondence address of this form shall be regarded as the service address of documents or notices.Any change must be informed in advance.Otherwise, the service shall be deemed to be effective.