Renewable Energy
Application of Seismic Activity Monitoring and natural gas exploration, wind/solar/tidal energy research, hydroelectric power generation, etc.
Data Acquisition System/Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
With low power consumption, high reliability and high-density deployment, the SmartSolo Scientific energy monitoring system can be applied to natural gas exploration monitoring, wind/solar/tidal energy research, hydroelectric power generation, etc.
Product Line
MS8001 is a low-cost, high reliability, simple installation of scientific observation station system. It is a multi-purpose environmental monitoring system specially developed for scientific researchers. This system is suitable for long-term and short-term deployment. MS8001 observation system not only ensures the reliability, but also takes into account the characteristics of low cost: it enables researchers to realize the needs of large-scale and multi-point deployment under the condition of limited budget. MS8001 observation system uses reliable scientific research level sensors, and under the integration of data acquisition M8000 newly developed by SmartSolo, it can collect data more efficiently and simply for scientific more
Relying on the built-in 4G / WiFi and other wireless communication modules, the SmartSolo IMU-3C wireless monitoring system can transmit real-time data through the high-speed network. It can be deployed in the geological disaster monitoring and early warning zone for a long time, and powered by the SmartSolo solar energy system.At the same time, it also supports the real-time return of data through Ethernet connection. The data can be viewed in real time through the soloswdcc software indoors, and the alarm threshold mechanism can be set remotely. In this way, the alarm mechanism can be triggered at the first time when no one is on duty, so as to avoid the loss of people's personal safety and economic more
SmartSolo volcanic activity earthquake monitoring and eruption prediction system can accurately monitor the seismic activity in the volcanic area, including seismic activity is the precursor of volcanic eruption, locating underground magma, continuous monitoring of volcanic tremor, etc., and can quickly process the obtained data information, so as to realize real-time processing and local positioning of seismic data,So as to predict the volcanic eruption and send out the early warning of volcanic disaster to the public in more
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