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SmartSolo Scientific Soil and Water Conservation solution is to prevent and control soil erosion, protect, improve, and rationally utilize soil and water resources, and establish a good ecological environment. Comprehensive measures such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and water conservancy are used, such as building terraced fields, implementing contour farming and strip planting, closing hills for afforestation, planting trees and grasses, and building check dam, small reservoir, and excavating surrounding ditch, etc., to conserve water sources and reduce surface runoff, increase surface coverage, prevent soil erosion, and promote the all-round development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and sideline industries. It is of great significance for the development of production and construction in hilly areas and sandstorm areas, reducing the deposition of downstream riverbeds, reducing flood peaks, ensuring the normal operation of water conservancy facilities, and ensuring transportation, industrial and mining construction, and urban safety.

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SmartSolo urban water intelligent monitoring system mainly provides early warning service for urban roads, ground, tunnels, overpasses and other occasions where water is easy to accumulate. The system adopts highly integrated equipment, including multi-sensor access, localization early warning, remote wireless transmission, battery charging and discharging management units. It has the advantages of easy installation, simple use, low standby power consumption, long communication distance and high reliability. The monitoring station includes M8000 data acquisition instrument, electronic water level meter, meteorology (wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity sensor, rain gauge), video camera, etc.The equipment monitors the hydrological and meteorological data of each ponding point, and can complete the collection of water depth, temperature, humidity, rainfall and other data, as well as video images and picture information, and store the data through M8000 and send it to the cloud server wirelessly.Learn more
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