SmartSolo Inc., announced today the sale of 26,000

by: SmartSolo Scientific | Updated: 2022-01-25 15:11:33
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SmartSolo Inc., announced today the sale of 26,000 SmartSolo IGU-16 nodes to Sinopec Geophysical Corporation.

After successfully completing a suite of intensive acceptance tests late 2021, Sinopec purchased their first SmartSolo Scientific system. After using SmartSolo and realizing the advantages, reliability and cost savings achieved, it was decided to buy a second system bringing total channels purchased to 50,000

About SmartSolo Inc.: SmartSolo Inc is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has multiple R&D, Manufacturing and sales/support facilities in Canada, China and USA etc. SmartSolo Scientific  is a world leading manufacturer of seismic sensors. DT-SOLO series high sensitivity geophones are recognized by the industry as the most reliable high- sensitivity seismic sensors. It’s new product SmartSolo Scientific  – World’s First Smart Seismic Sensor defined a new category of seismic acquisition equipment and has over 420,000 channels delivered worldwide.

About Sinopec Geophysical: SINOPEC Geophysical Corporation is based in Beijing, China and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SINOPEC Group. SGC mainly engages in geophysical exploration services including geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation. It boasts a host of solid capabilities in geophysical technology research, software development and equipment manufacturing. Equipped with leading technology, advanced instruments and an outstanding workforce, SGC serves as an international corporation delivering integrated geophysical services. Domestic seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation services spread to all large exploration basins in China. Overseas services have been performed in regions such as Middle East, Africa, Central and South Asia, South America and in more than 30 countries such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria, Gabon, Myanmar, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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