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Reliable power supply enables the data acquisition system to continuously collect and process data. Because our components use the least power, many of our systems can operate with a sealed rechargeable external power supply that is IP68 waterproof. When you select a power supply for your long-term monitoring system, you can choose a charging regulator (with built-in or separate batteries) and a charging power supply (such as a solar panel or AC adapter). Your choice will depend on the site environment and system requirements.
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SmartSolo 3C external power supply has the characteristics of small volume, large capacity, easy to carry and high stability;Equipped with customized charging conversion line, it can realize the field charging of a series of data collectors such as SmartSolo, which can meet the requirements of long-term field deployment of data more
[Brochures] IGU-16HR IES
[Brochures] IGU-16HR 3C
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