SmartSolo Bridge Health Monitoring System
Integrated Scientific Monitoring System with Function Integration and Precise Control
Infrastructure/SmartSolo Bridge Health Monitoring System
Bridge Health Monitoring System
Low Cost, High Reliability, Simple Installation
SmartSolo bridge health monitoring system is a low-cost, high reliability, simple installation of scientific observation station system. It is a multi-purpose environmental monitoring system specially developed for scientific researchers.This system is suitable for long-term and short-term deployment.
Benefits and Features
Small size, light weight and ultra-low power consumption;
High performance data acquisition system;
High precision, high resolution and reliable three channel seismic sensing;
The data can be uploaded in real time through telemetry technology, and users can view, download, retrieve and set the sending interval remotely;
Rich communication methods: Ethernet, wireless 4G cellular network;
It can be connected with a variety of external data transmission modules: VSAT (Beidou), Lora and digital radio.
Detailed Description

The data logger in SmartSolo bridge health monitoring system not only ensures the reliability, but also takes into account the characteristics of low cost: it enables researchers to realize the needs of large-scale and multi network deployment under the limited budget. The observation system uses reliable scientific research grade sensors, which can collect data more efficiently and simply for scientific researchers under the integration of data acquisition newly developed by SmartSolo.

The system consists of the following components: data logger M8000, three channel seismic intelligent sensor IGU16-HR3C, Vaisala multi parameter weather station wxt536, high precision atmospheric pressure sensor Setra 278, solar power supply module and bracket.This system can realize long-time unattended, automatic and continuous data acquisition.

The observation system is an integrated system that has been connected, pre-programmed and fully configured. In addition to ordering all the components of the observation system, you can also customize it according to your needs. You can add or replace sensors, peripheral measuring devices, or communication devices to meet your specific needs.Please contact SmartSolo for details.

M8000 Data Logger
Simulate Seismic data channel(s)3x H-resolution H-speed analog Seismic data channel(s);
3x H-resolution low-speed analog Seismic data channel(s), configurable as 6x unidirectional H-resolution low-speed analog Seismic data channel(s)
Digital Seismic data channel(s)3x digital Seismic data channel(s), support RS232/RS485/SDl-12
input rangeH-speed analog Seismic data channel(s): ±2.5 Vpk@0.25 ms;
Low-speed analog Seismic data channel(s): ±5.0 Vpk;
One-way low-speed analog Seismic data channel(s): 0~5 v
ADC Resolution24bits Σ-ΔH resolution ADC
Sample Intervals3x H-resolution H-speed analog Seismic data channel(s):
0.25,0.5,1,2,4,8,10,20 ms
3x H resolution low speed analog Seismic data channel(s):
10,20,40,50,80,100,200,500,1000 ms
Equivalent Input Noise0.18 μV@2 ms 18 dB
filter Linear Phase or minimum phase FIR
Anti-alias Filter0 dB to 36 dB in 6 dB steps
input range40Vpp
Instantanteous Dynamic Range128dB@2ms,0dB
System Dynamic Range145dB
Timing Accuracy±10 μs, GPS disciplined
crosstalkTypical< -110 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion≤0.0002% @0dB
data storageBuilt-in 32 G SD card (extensible)
Working status LEDred flash, green flash, blue flash, orange flash
networkEthernet (10/100 Mbps)
4G cellular data
operating temperature-40~+60°C
GNSS modeSupport GPS, Beidou, Glonass, single-mode or dual-mode operation
Other USB1 x RS485, wireless network for low baud rate communication: Lora/Beidou VSAT/Digital Radio;
1x USB2.0, for data download and script configuration;
1x External GPS;
Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
External timing input1 PPS+RS422
power supply12 VDC (7-32 VDC)
About 150 mW power consumption when no data transmission
sizeSealed plastic housing, IP68
LWH: 200x150x90mm; 900g
IGU16-HR3C three Seismic data channel(s) seismic sensor
Natural Frequency5 Hz
fake frequency> 170 Hz
Sensitivity76.7 V/m/s (1.95 V/in/s)
Distortion<0.1% @ 12 Hz, 0° ~ 10° vertical inclination,
0° ~ 3° horizontal inclination
Maximum Input Signal±2.5Vpeak@ Gain0dB
Instantanteous Dynamic Range125dB@Gain0dB
Total Harmonic Distortion<0.0002%@ Gain0dB
Physical Size103mm×95mm×187mm (w/o spike)
Data Storage64 GB
Weight2.4kg (including Battery and tailbone)
operating temperature-40º C ~ +80º C
Setra 278 Barometer
Supply voltage9.5-28v
The output voltage0-2.5v/0-5v
Power consumptionNormal work 3mA, sleep mode1uA
Measuring range600-1100hpa
rubber hose1/8 inch
L phase stability0.1hpa/year
Barometer Regulator Port
Dynamic pressure error0.5 hPa max @ 20 m/s
size11.5 cm H x 13 cm Dia
InstallOffset bracket with U-bolts for installation on 25-50 mm diameter pipes
WXT 536 Weather Station
Monitoring ParametersWind speed/wind direction, temperature/humidity, atmospheric pressure
Operating Voltage6-24v
Power consumption3.5mA(12VDC)
The output voltage0-2.5v/0-5v
Communication USBRS485/RS232, SDI-12
ParameterMeasuring rangeprecisionResolution
air pressure500-1100hpa±0.5hpa(0-30℃)0.1hpa
temperature-50-60 degrees±0.3℃0.1℃
wind speed0-60m/s±3%(10m/s)0.1m/s
wind direction0-360°±3°(10m/s)
sizeH2.5m, main rod diameter 48mm
MaterialStainless steel
a fixed wayCement pile/expansion screw fixing
Wind resistance ratingLevel 12
SignageMovable/luminous sign
groundcopper rod
lightning rodMade of galvanized round steel with a diameter of 19mm
Solar panelssize30*60cm
The output voltage12V DC
Output Power20w
Installation methodDue south inclination 30°
appendixconnecting cables
Lithium Batterysize12*18*5cm
The output voltage12V
Battery capacity90 A·h
charge/discharge temperature-30-45 ℃

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