IGU-16 Node Intelligent Seismic Data Logger
Low Power and High Precision Node Intelligent Seismic Data Logger
Seismic Data Logger/IGU-16 Node Intelligent Seismic Data Logger
High Reliability Data Loger
Low Power Consumption, High Precision and High Sensitivity
SmartSolo IGU-16 node intelligent seismic data logger adopts high sensitivity geophone to record seismic wave signal with high fidelity and accurate data time and position.It is an intelligent earthquake monitoring system with low power consumption, simple operation, simple structure and high precision.It can be used in urban underground space survey, geological disaster and adverse geological body exploration, geological structure survey, geothermal and water resources exploration, energy and mineral exploration, rail transit geological exploration, railway real-time early warning, short period array observation, microseismic fracturing monitoring, vibration monitoring and other fields.
Benefits and Features
High precision AD conversion circuit;
Low input noise and harmonic distortion;
328 GB flash memory;
Wireless QC and search function.
Detailed Description

SmartSolo IGU-16 node intelligent seismic Data Loger has built-in dt-solo high-sensitivity seismic sensor, and the natural frequency of 5Hz / 10Hz can be selected to realize the accurate acquisition of seismic wave data.At the same time, the ultra-high precision AD conversion circuit and peripheral circuit are used to achieve low input noise and harmonic distortion. The seismic wave signal, accurate data time and location can be saved in local 8-32gb flash memory.Users can use the app to carry out construction deployment, technical support and wireless QC and search function by using the built-in Ethernet module. At the same time, the device has the function of sensor self-test and GPS positioning.The high reliability and cost-effective electronic and software technology ensures the long-term endurance of the igu-16 node intelligent seismic Data Loger and the acquisition of seismic wave data with low distortion.

SmartSolo IGU-16 node intelligent seismic Data Loger has the characteristics of light weight, IP67 waterproof, low cost and high reliability, which ensures that it can be used in seismic exploration, geological environment monitoring, underground resources exploration, building monitoring and other fields.With data download frame (DHR), data acquisition center (DCC), data management center (DMC), data recovery is realized.

Physical Specifications
Operating temperature -40°  ~  +70°C
Physical Size103mm(L)×95mm(W)×118mm(H)(w/o spike)
Weight1.1kg(Including internal battery and spike)
Data Storage8GB flash memory(extensible ~ 32 GB)
Recharge Time<3.25 hours
Charging Temperature Range+3°C  ~  +45°C
Operating Life@25°C25 days @1ms Continuous
50 days Segmented(12 hours ON/12 hours SLEEP)
Double color LEDGreen is "good", red is "bad"
Sensor Specifications DT-SOLO 5Hz
All parameters are specified at +22℃ in the vertical position and horizontal position for horizontal geophone unless otherwise stated.
Natural Frequency5Hz
Coil Resistance1850Ω
DampingOpen Circuit Damping:0.60
Damping with 43Ω: 0.70
SensitivityOpen Circuit Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity: 80V/m/s (2.03V/in/s)
Channel Performance
(@ 2ms sample interval, 31.25 Hz, 25℃, unless otherwise indicated)
ADC Resolution24bits
Sample Intervals1,2,4ms
Anti-alias Filter0dB to 24 dB in 6 dB steps
Anti-alias Filter206.5 Hz 2ms (82.6%of Nyquist) 
Selectable – linear phase or minimum phase
DC Blocking Filter1HZ to 10Hz,1Hz increments or DC Removal
GPS Time Standard1ppm
GNSSmodeSupport GPS, Beidou, Glonass, single mode or dual mode work
Timing Accuracy±10μs, GPS disciplined
Maximum Input Signal±2.5V peak Gain 0dB
Instantaneous Dynamic Range116dB 2ms Gain 0dB
Equivalent Input Noise0.71 μV 2ms Gain 12dB (Typical)
Total Harmonic Distortion<0.0005%
Common Mode Rejection≥100dB
 Gain Accuracy<0.5%
System Dynamic Range145dB
Frequency Response0-1652Hz
Wire CommunicationEthernet
Input Impedance20KΩ

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